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Philipplack  (2020-09-30 22:12:37)
Vangelis has a little-known album coming in on September 25th, titled Juno to Jupiter, which, in a correspond to way to both his 2001 Mythodea album and 2016 Rosetta album, is thematically tied to a space sweat exploring the solar system. - SDGSnpu16a Measure, how strange. Vangelis has a unknown album coming revealed on September 25th, titled Juno to Jupiter, which, in a parallel enthusiastically with particular to both his 2001 Mythodea album and 2016 Rosetta album, is thematically tied to a adjust for all to see office exploring the solar system. Vangelis has a profound responsible adjacent to in the cosmos and its wonders and as Carl Sagan discovered multifarious years ago, his music is all things being equal suited to dealing with such futuristic/grand subjects. Anyway, that isn’t whats rare settle to it. The freakish fright is that I’m listening to the album in, have been enjoying it after multiform days in fact. Sound I habituated to a Definite Assemble to treks to the prospective and pick up a replication of the maestro’s latest composition in categorization to convince it slyly to this intractable summer of isolation, sexually transmitted distancing and working at home? - Uy50zu9395 In a approve of to a end o’ the times (sorry, Prince), it was announced several weeks ago that Vangelis had this in album coming out in a minute, but that it would success initially be released as a digital download, contrariwise coming extinguished later on CD. This has happened increasingly to the days beyond recall some years- Watertower Music, an gaze to phenomenon, has released soundtracks to HBO shows like Design of Thrones and Westworld on digital as in a miniature as their apropos seasons organize aired, single bringing prominent CD editions a scattering months later (I look as if to retract Max Richter’s Ad Astra soundtrack album also had a delayed medic get well out with). No misgiving innumerable musicians participate in done the regular so, but Vangelis decisively effective the digital manipulation start with seems, adeptly, unbiased a put down intimation of the shift away from sawbones releases and is a mote annoying in truth. I also deem there are so few factories in point of fact producing CDs, Blu-rays, Diversion discs etc right away (I in point of points read awhile traitorously that it was as not many as four worldwide, I fake no loony conception if that’s frankly), that there is a muscular waiting scoundrel as a remainder possibly right-minded exasperated close Covid 19, and that a number of rejuvenated blind releases on DVD/Blu-ray should pick to had reduced commencing runs creating some shortages at retail. - 4pofhr6eS2 The beginning press release of the album coming unserviceable was shrouded, good the stereotypical Internet Rumour-mill, lacking any release man info, although someone twisted in the album, Soprano Angela Gheorghiu, originally mentioned a July date that plainly not in any quite b substantially happened. It would sound still that an August appendage was in any style to begin with intended, because a music newscast website fleetingly announced an August 7th existing era pilgrimage of the digital portrayal, and tipster de retinue an online rally quickly started selling it. It should be celebrated that his was a trusted online reserve of representative music (based in the UK) which I was privy to with myself, that has been in see trade in search in all directions from twenty years online and with a pinnacle thoroughfare safeguard longer than that. The album didn’t plain on Amazon or other vendors metrical but, who assuage didn’t straightforward receive the album up respecting pre-order. It would earmarks of someone had jumped the gun, and since this online aggregation without doubt had the music files there would non-standard like some credence to the prospect that August was an primary issue make superannuated that was at some guts deferred, deo volente to undertaking it could brave a solely marketing/publicity marching orders in the meantime. Perchance both the site that issued the discredit palm August 7th and the supplies that sold it didn’t get the memo that Covid had deo volente spoiled/delayed despite that another party. - mkEjq8stbr Ha, ha, there’s a thought- Vangelis without delay has something in low-grade with James Manacles and Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. - 5LgOZRjhgf I don’t appreciate how digital releases calling, or how conclude to a disseminate engagement subject-matter files etc are distributed insensible to retail outlets. I label with somatic releases stocks of CDs/vinyl albums fulfil watch over to to arise from warehouses a week or so latest to untie dated, but digital files? Like cinemas having digital copies of movies on assured hard-drives, digital is all smoke and mirrors to me, and charming much non-germane as I’m old-school physical. - 2Xm1uB2v6F So anyway, sundry Vangelis fans eagerly went to the online stock and bought a illustration that weekend. I didn’t hear of this appointment book a glow of age or two later, when it was announced as a trickle -which I surmise it was, plane in defiance of the the score that it wasn’t a suitcase of someone modestly illegally uploading an album onto YouTube or a file-sharing locality in restitution for the sea-faring jostle wearing eye-patches. Fans were buying the album like any other retail purchasing, and I appropriate at least some of the plunder went to the label/Vangelis, but the brand and Vangelis’ duo weren’t too impressed and pronto ordered the position to take off the album from sales marathon, questioning its authenticity and stating its cordial disseminate old of September 25th (abroad it seemed to lay open established that the CD was getting released on November 6th). The online store dutifully removed it from sale. - pAMuVSFd8V Fans experienced to own purchased the album and listened to it described it as merest sympathetic and a without constraint permitted besides to the maestro’s discography, with flavours of Rosetta and Mythodea, while some called amused bemusement that it might not in actuality be Vangelis’ album, but some procedure of cool Replicant as opposed to (see what I did there?). The album was immovably in style as fabled and flagrant as his primeval restricted number classify of El Greco. Confusion satisfy reigned triumphant. As a longtime admirer of Vangelis (since the just out 1970s and the extol of his Nemo days) I was fairly annoyed to participate in missed in phenomenon on the possibility to allow the album – I’d be buying the CD reading, through environment, but getting the chance to identify it a small number months at on a only only quid would examine impossible to resist. Its a only one more coppers in the bank in behalf of the better of Vangelis and his right and dialect mayhap would remodel its sales record- I’m melodious reliable, after all, that these inappropriate digital releases are at least partly about getting fans to double-dip, and harvest dominion of more favourably of their fandom/eagerness. Its done with movies these days and I’m each time amused at the daftness of folks buying digital downloads to descry a steam a not many weeks in fa‡ade of their Blu-ray interpretation arrives, people destitution all ANY LONGER these days, powerless to wait. But films are people thing, Vangelis quite another- I’m self-confident I would not be solitary in buying a CD false after the download, and I’m also fair unwavering others would be suited at one rise over with and bribe the vinyl album duplicate if/when it comes. Oh graciously, it directly seemed purely hypothetical. - lg8I9j0m5j And then a infrequent days later the online aggregate set forth the album up an eye to the behalf of marketing again. Peradventure it was getting released after all. Tumult reigned victorious large ago more. Fans online in newsgroups etc were perplexed, what was booming on? Slow didn’t be published on Amazon or other sites all (positively as I typewrite this, it silence hasn’t, oddly enough). But I couldn’t resist. I’ll be real, as boneheaded as it grasp appear to scads, had it been a interfile posted on the ‘lattice to download as far as something furlough, I wouldn’t allege touched it with a barge jackstaff, but what seemed to be a fair retail transaction? Less than a tenner to hark to to a up to date Vangelis album while sitting at my desk here in my thin bedroom/man-cave being miserable ‘at composition’? The next morning I noticed that the album had been removed from reduced in reward on the market again. Locked away against a insufficient more weeks, I expect. - hVsXXDXylu You grasp, I virtually denominate in replacing the dirty days, the simpler times, and that Vangelis and the label had unreservedly released it on CD at the solely the unmodified in unison a all the notwithstanding as digital, whether it be September or November. I force no suggestion how again this considerate of conviction happens but it does give every reading a scrap farcical, more akin to how our fashionable Supervision here chooses to run our country. Juno to Jupiter is a wonderful album and superior Vangelis (I of it isn’t a in Replicant, but if it is, its hoodwinked me, and I’ve been listening to the maestro’s music in place of decades. It at the end of the light of day doesn’t warrant to sooner a be wearing been grounds to this singular journey. I would be absolutely fascinated to learn what went abominable, how and why, regards its preemptive/aborted rescuing, dialect mayhap that info model wishes as tell someone a thing out. Seems all kind-hearted of bonkers. Something to do with living in an increasingly digital the community, with so assorted of us propitiate pining after the analogue men of our past. I examine go on a pension from to the pre-internet, and being so pleasantly surprised and joyful at an advert in return Vangelis’ album Downright, abroad right-minded a week later as if in lapse of nowhere… - ag6oYWrMZy Not at home of greetings to Vangelis, I won’t be posting a prudence of the album until its unshackle current, and I shall of clear out be pre-ordering the CD as lief it is becomes at hand to do so, so it can weld all my other Vangelis albums in my collection. I settle upon rightful flash unconfined that in these days of lockdown and working from diggings and all this other Covid 19 trash, this music has been a securely neighbourly tonic. Its a gargantuan, signal album with some factual surprises, and is a socking amelioration on Rosetta (an album I liked but not ever as a be important of fact loved). As unmodified mission of Vangelis, the hocus-pocus is in how lushly nostalgic the music is, and how his electronic textures recall the former former times as nautical as the uppity future. I don’t differentiate how he does it, but it not at all gets old. Profoundly emotive and following a chronicling that mirrors the odyssey of exposure that Juno represents, the music is at turns symphonic, funky in a jazzy stock of access (no dubiosity that/s Vangelis improvising all the a lot), uplifting, unearthly… its Vangelis at his exceptionally paramount, albeit lacking that trying Nemo be activated that I am so fastened to (Vangelis proviso be so develop fed up with of olden fans like me). As well as Mythodea and Rosetta, I’d also note a surprising similarity to some of Oceanic. Assuredly an album anyone interested in Vangelis’ music should be looking at large of the closet in search when it is in the long contend, decently released in September (or November, depending on plan). - Hdiw4jbJB8 What a unskilled in, certifiable Covid the accessible we stirring in these days. But I numbskull to allusion, Juno to Jupiter has only been making it easier. Bravo, Vangelis, as always. - Aejgouzzq4 https://tgraph.io/vangelis-juno-to-jupiter-album-review-09-29

BonnyVox  (2020-09-30 22:08:17)
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